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chess Academy Schedule


Each of our ACADEMY classes has its own "Blog" page.  Our tutors will use their blog to communicate with students and their families throughout the year.

Use the list below to find your class or to learn more about the classes we are offering.

Elementary & Middle School Classes

  • 3rd - 4th Grade Language Arts, History and Math  Teacher:  Lori Purcell

  • 3rd - 4th Grade Science Teacher: Tulah Bishoff

  • 5th - 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher: Debbie Lawrence

  • 5th - 6th Grade Math Teacher: Kerri Wade

  • 5th - 6th Grade History and Science Teacher: Tulah Bishoff

  • 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher: Edice Curry

  • 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Teacher: April Lassetter

  • 7th Grade History and Science Teacher: Kerri Wade

  • 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher: Edice Curry

  • 8th Grade Georgia History Teacher: Sandra Wiley

  • 8th Grade Physical Science Teacher: Christi Evans

  • 8th Grade Algebra I Teacher: April Lassetter

High School Classes

  • Algebra II Teacher: April Lassetter

  • Geometry Teacher: Linda Bell

  • Biology & Chemistry Teacher: Amy Maves

  • British Literature & American Literature Teacher: Larry Bussey

  • SAT Prep & Economics Teacher: Debbie Lawrence

  • United States History Teacher: Christi Evans

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