10/29 Geometry

My (I’m the customer)TriWidget requirements were not met on 10D :( so a redo may be in order to satisfy the customer’s request but first...


Study your notes and homework for a chapter 10 test on Tuesday.

You will also be given a unit test that covers Chapters 1-10 next week as well. Study all your Chapter 1-10 notes.

2-Complete the Chapter 10

"Is it possible" table. Instructions are intuitive but if you have questions, please txt.

3-Review parts of the unit test that you have received via text. It's the more difficult questions. Take advantage. Look up the answers.

4-The format requested (by the customer) for questions 7, 8, 9, and 10 on 10D was not done. It is worth 20 points. Would you like another try? If so, you can complete these questions in the requested format. Please use notebook paper and show your math. If you have questions, please text or call me.

You should have received all paperwork via text.

Hang on! Winter break is only three weeks away.

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