10th Am. history

  • Do not forget to study

  • work on your project

Living History Project

*Due Nov 2- must be turned in on this day - every day its late I will take 10 points off*

you have had your character for three weeks already and I've been telling you to start researching

  • You must do the project on the character you signed up for

  • You will present your project as if you were your character

  • this should be written in letter or bio form ( pretend you are writing a diary/ journal entry or a letter to a friend back home)

  • must be minimum of 1000

  • oral presentation cannot be read like your reading a book so be familiar with your righting (use note cards at podium not your paper) I will count off for being ill prepared

  • dressing up and props will be extra credit ( an extra test grade for dressing up and bringing props)

  • have fun and lets help each other learn more about the people we have and are studying.

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