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11/9 Language Arts 7th - 9th Grades

Literature: Read the story on pages 286-290. Write the answers to "Thinking Zone" on pages 291-292. Define the first 12 words in Vocabulary List Seven. The definitions can be found on pages 286-291 in the literature book. Be looking for a book to read. It should be about someone you would classify as a hero. Pick something you can finish reading and writing a book report on before the Christmas holidays. There should be plenty of choices in the library. When you get your book, bring it in for me to see. Hopefully, you can make your selection before the Thanksgiving break. After the Thanksgiving break I will go over how to write the book report.

Grammar: Do Exercise 5.6 on page 101 in the grammar book. Also, write a descriptive paragraph by going outside or looking out a window and writing about what you see. Use lots of adjectives and underline each one used.

Remember: Work on your acrostic using the word HEROES. The due date has been changed to Thursday, November 16th. Also, remember to talk to people and see if you can hear about any World War II stories to share with the class. Also, if you have any late work, it needs to be finished.

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