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3rd/4th History (8/19/22)

Good morning....What an amazing first week! This class is a joy to teach! We jumped right in and got going reading and learning about our first person "Christopher Columbus". I sent home notes with some information to fill out. Please send it back next week so I will know how to contact you. Well, we worked so hard this week that they do not have any homework except to review and study the first chapter to be prepared for our first test.

Oh and a side note.....I am filling in for Mrs. Debbie Free's science class (Land Animals). Just to let you know where we got this week. I know she put the work on the website for this week but I wanted you all to know where we got in class. Yesterday we did the study guide so they should be good with it. We worked on their science journal too. I believe most of them finished drawing and writing facts on pages 14 and 15. If they did not please have them complete those pages. And please complete the Vocabulary Story on page 18.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I have really enjoyed this sweet bunch of kids!!!

Amy Marchant......cell 848-4932 and

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