4th Grade Math (9-10-21)

Another week done of adding and subtracting large numbers. This chapter just keeps growing. I am proud of the boys working so hard this week. This work gets them bogged down some times but they have pushed on thru. They just have to pay attention and keep their numbers in line. Remember to put their commas and their decimals in the right spots too. We will finish up this chapter this next week and then have a test on it the following Tuesday.

Weekend homework.....finish classwork Lesson 19 pages 45/46 if you didn't finish it in class

Friday Lesson 20 pages 47/48 (I went over this in class )

MondayLesson 21 pages 49/50

I also handed back some pages for some to complete. Please have these done by Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you have any questions let me know.

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