4th Grade Math (Feb 11)

Good morning.....well we have had a wild couple of weeks in math class. I know it is the last class and they are ready to go but these past two weeks have been extreme. Please express to the boys that this is a time to learn and not play. We have also had lots of calling names and not being the nicest to our classmates. I am praying next week will be better but if not you may be receiving a call from me. Ok back to math.....we finished up our chapter on measurements and have moved on to multiplication again. Two and Three digit multiplication !!! I told them those multiplication facts would come back into play. We have worked on these in class the past two days but I'm sure they will need some more help remembering about putting a zero down before you start the second row of numbers.

So for Friday Lesson 113 pages 281/282

and Monday Lesson 114 283/284

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

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