4th Grade Math (Feb 25)

Wow what another wild week in math! We only have 12 weeks left of this school year and we all need to buckle down and remember what we are here to do....learn!! Mrs Christi has been called in and has talked the boys more than once this week. Please reinforce how we are supposed to respect adults, friends and the church building.

Now on to work.....we finished up the multiplication chapter and took the test this week. Continue to work on memorizing their multiplication because it will be back. Now we are moving on to fractions. This is a review so the boys should go right thru it. I went over their homework in class so they should know how to do it. We did several on the board. Remind them to rename the fraction if it's needed. Example.... 10/9 should be renamed to 1 1/9!!

Friday Lesson 123 pages 305/306

Monday Less0n 124 pages 307/308

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy this beautiful weather God blessed us with!

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