4th Grade Math (March 11)

Good morning....we finally finished up our chapter on fractions. They ended it pretty good!! Now we are moving on to a measurement chapter. Nice break for our brains!! We only have 10 more weeks of school and one of those is spring break so we need to buckle down and get busy to finish the year out strong!! We are still needing to pay better attention in class and minding our business. This week was a little better but we are still needing some help. On to work for the weekend!!

Friday Lesson 135 pages 335/336

Monday Lesson 136 pages 337/338

Things we have already done to rememberer:

1m = 1000mm

1km = 1000m

1cm = 10mm

1L = 1000ml

1m = 100cm

1kg = 1000g

Have a wonderful weekend....stay dry and warm!

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