4th Grade Math (March 17-21)

Good morning.....we are finishing up chapter 13 this weekend and taking the test. I sent it home with them. This chapter was a good easy chapter after those fractions but we are jumping back into long division. I told them it would be back to make sure to work on those multiplication facts. We have 9 weeks left of school and one week is spring break. We need to stay in the game and finish well. So enough said let's get going and finish this chapter and start the next one off on the right foot. I went over the division in class. It's different from last time because it is two digit. I told them to be aware of where they put there answer!!!

Thursday Lesson 139 pages 345/346

Friday Chapter 13 Test (I gave them the test yesterday)

Monday Lesson 140 pages 349/350

Any questions please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend.

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