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5th/6th grade Oceans (Jan. 9-11)

Some children involved in sports has made getting some homework assignments done on time difficult, so I am revamping my assignment layout. Unless it is something time-sensitive (shown by a day and the assignment written beside it like Tuesday's this week), you will have through the next Monday to complete.

*As always, if you have questions, please text or call me. 229-567-7718 (If I don't respond to a text, then call) Texts don't always come through quickly for some reason.

Tuesday: Read Ch. 7. Scripture writing WB p. 104-105

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Monday:  

1.  On WB p. 98, write characteristics of rays, including each of the 6 kinds of rays we wrote about in our class notes. Add as much detail as possible.


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