5th-6th Old World History

Be sure to have all of the chapter and end of chapter questions done to turn in. (This is the work they should have done in class on Wed. and Thur.)

On Tuesday the students will present their project to the class. They will read their book to the class (think read a loud or story time) or present their diorama. If they do the diorama you will probably need either a paper or note cards with all of the required information.

The students have been assigned an ancient civilization that they will look information up on and complete a project to present to the class on October 12. I did not pass out papers, instead I have added any other information the students need to the list below. The students will create a book or a diorama box all of to share with the class. I want student made projects, not picture perfect projects.

  • Geography- Where were they located? What is that place called today? Include a map

  • Time Period- When did they become a civilization and when did they fall?

  • Beliefs- What kind of religion or worship did they practice? Were they polytheistic or monotheistic (one god or many)? Was their religion and their government combined?

  • Technology/Contributions- What advancements did they have for their time period... calendar, irrigation, buildings, roads, chariots? Did they have any major contributions to the world at their time or any lasting contributions?

  • Writing/Art/Architecture- What form of communication did they use (pictographs, symbols, alphabet)? What did they write on? Was art important in their civilization?

  • Government- What type of ruler did they have? What type of laws did they have?

  • 3 fun facts

Rubric- 10 points for each part, 10 points for on time, 20 points for book/diorama neatness and creativi

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