5th and 6th Grade ELA: August 26th and Weekend Assignments

*Because we will not be meeting for class tomorrow (8/26/21), this week’s spelling and vocabulary tests have been rescheduled for next Tuesday, August 30th instead.

Also, I will NOT assign new spelling/vocabulary words for next week (August 30-September 2). I think that one test of each per week is enough. 😊 That said, I will wait and post the next set of spelling/vocabulary words for the week of September 7-9 next Thursday (the 2nd).

Work for Thursday, August 26th:

1. Read chapters 7-9 in My Side of the Mountain. (Pages 41-mid 54)

2. Answer the comprehension questions for chapters 7-9. Use complete sentences.

Weekend Assignments:

1. Finish any assigned reading and comprehension questions you have not completed from My Side of the Mountain.

2. Study for next Tuesday’s rescheduled spelling test and vocabulary test. (You will simply be spelling the words as they are called out. The vocabulary test will be in a matching format). And remember, we will usually have our spelling/vocab tests on Thursdays.

3. Complete Language Worksheet 10 (titled Combining Sentences).

4. Any work not completed in class will always need to be completed at home.

Optional Extra Credit (worth +2 points to be added to the future unit test grade)

Create a cartoon strip and show frame by frame how Sam got Frightful.

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