5th Grade Math (10-15-21)

Well we finished up our fun chapter on lines and angles and jumped into division. We need to continue to work on multiplications. I know you are so tired of reading this but I can't stress it enough. It makes their math years so much better if they know them now. Another thing please ask your child to read the directions. I am having to hand back papers all the time because they think they know what to do and they jump in there and do it wrong. Hey my child is right there with them. Im trying to prepare them well for 6 grade because their 6 grade teacher isn't going to hand things back all the time. Enough of that......

Friday Lesson 40 pages 99/100

Monday Lesson 41 pages 101/102

I went over these two pages with them yesterday. WE did this last year so they should remember! Have a good weekend. Let me know if I can help in any way!

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