5th Grade Math (10-8-21)

Good morning......We are close to the end of another chapter and it has been a nice break from multiplication. But division is next so keep working on those multiplication facts. We have tried to catch up on some pages that have been needed to be redone. Please ask your child if they have any pages to redo and hand back. I have to have them this week because grades are due next weekend. They should know who has papers to redo or to find and bring in.

I think they have enjoyed this chapter and it has be a little of a review and they have remembered it too! I went over these two pages in class and we did several so they should be good with them. Next week we will complete the chapter review and take the test to get it in their grades for their first report card.

Friday Lesson 35 pages 85/86

Monday Lesson 36 pages 87/88

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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