5th Grade Math (11/12/21)

Good morning.....we have worked really hard on this fraction chapter and I am very proud of them. We did a little catch up work this week and some still need to redo pages and find pages to hand in. We only have two days left in the classroom before break so we will just be working on another division chapter. Since we are taking a 6 week break us teachers are required to send home work for two weeks. We will be doing a time, temperature, and measuring chapter. They should be able to earlier do it at home. But of course I will be able to answer any questions.

Friday Lesson 58 pages 145/146 (if you did not complete already)

Monday Lesson 59 pages 149/150

If you have pages to redo please take the time this weekend to get them done and handed in next week. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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