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5th Grade Math (2/3/23)

Good morning...well we are still in fractions, almost to the end of the chapter. We will take the test Tuesday for this chapter. We have had fun and worked hard through these fractions. I confused them yesterday when I reviewed the homework on page 219 with LCM and GCF. This is a hard concept and some high schoolers still struggle with it too. So for numbers one and two on 219 just let them do the factoring part (the trees and don't worry about the other).

Please finish lesson 88 on pages 217/218 if you didn't in class

Friday Lesson 89 pages 219/220

Monday Lesson 90 pages 225/226 (this page is a great review for the test. The test will be just like the review)

Any questions let me know. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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