5th Grade Math (9-10-21)

We are the end of chapter 2. So that means Chapter review for the weekend and test for Tuesday. This was a pretty easy chapter for most of them but we do need to get in a habit of putting our decimals or comma in our numbers and checking to see of it's adding or subtracting. Next chapter we are going into multiplication. I have sent home some worksheets to practice them. Please if your child has not memorized their multiplication facts yet get that done. I have said many times, it will help them in the years to come if they memorize them now. I will be giving little quizzes on them thru out this chapter so please work on them at home.

I handed back some work to some to redo for me so please have them complete them and bring them back Tuesday.

Finish Lesson 16 pages 37/38 from class if you did not finish it.

Friday Lesson 17 pages 41/42

Monday complete multiplication worksheets

Have a blessed weekend!!

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