5th Grade Math (9-24-21)

Good morning....Oh boy what a chapter this has turned out to be. The chapter is getting them good but it would be a lot easier if they all knew their multiplication. They are getting better. Some are little behind on turning in their work. They know if they do not complete the page in class it is homework. Please have them to complete all unfinished classwork this weekend to turn in Tuesday. Oh and some have papers I handed back to correct too!

Thursday classwork Lesson 25 pages 59/60

Friday Lesson 26 pages 61/62

Monday Lesson 27 pages 63/64

I went over these two pages in class yesterday. We did lots on the board. This is something new to them and they will use this the rest of their math years. If you have any questions please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

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