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5th Grade Math 9/29

Good morning....we finished up our long multiplication this week! Yay..I know they are ready to move on. Now we are doing a little geometry with lines and angles. I sent a sticky note home with some to find some missing pages I have missing grades for in my grade book. Please try to find them, complete them or correct them and bring them back. I will be starting to average grades next week and I need them all.

We went over these pages in class yesterday so they should know how to do them.

Thursday finish Lesson 32 pgs 63/64

Friday Leason 33 pgs 65/66

Monday Leason 33 pgs 67/68

They will need a protractor to measure some angles on the last page and then they will need to bring one for class next week. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

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