5th Grade Math (Jan 28)

Good morning...it was good to be back with my kiddos this week. We continued on our fraction chapter and these kids have done amazing on this chapter. I think in was a nice break from division. We are still working hard in this chapter. It is a long one but we will finish it up next week. We are skipping a page because we have done some much of adding and subtracting unlike fractions.

Friday Lesson 87 pages 215/216

* Please make sure you read the directions and look at the example on the front page and the second section. They have to find come denominator and then borrow from the whole before they can subtract. They have done both of these but not together. They can do it!!!

Monday Lesson 88 pages 217/218

Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay warm and well and I will see y'all next week!!

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