5th Grade Math (March 11)

We finished up our chapter on fractions and they did very well!! We took the test yesterday and now we will jump right into the next chapter....decimals. We reviewed the pages for homework and they seemed to remember it from last year. We only have 10 weeks left of this school year and one is spring break!! We have got to buckle down and work hard to get done. I know they can do it! Just a reminder some need to start reading directions on work and listening in class to know what they need to do. I am handing back too many papers that need to be redone. If they don't understand what we are doing I need to know. I can help them at anytime. We can stay after class and work on it. These are the years they really need to be paying attention and get the concept because math builds on these same concepts every year. I am always here for extra help. Enough about that...let's get into these decimals.

Friday Lesson 118 pages 297/298

Monday Lesson 119 pages 299/300

Let me know if anyone needs help!! have a wonderful weekend...stay dry and warm!!

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