5th Grade Math (Oct 1)

Good morning......we finished up our chapter on multiplication and took our test this week too. We will be redoing some of the test next week. I need everyone to study and work on their multiplication facts...Please!!!! With this long multiplication if you miss one fact the whole thing is wrong. So please use flash cards or whatever you would like to work on memorizing the multiplication facts. I promise you it will help them so much in the years to come. If I had time in class I would be drilling them but we barely get a whole lesson completed. So with that being said please work on memorizing these facts.

We are moving on to a chapter that will let their brains rest from this tough chapter but division is right after it so again they need their multiplication facts. We went over the geometry page before we left yesterday so they should know how to do it. Most remembered it from last year.

Friday Lesson 29 pages 71/72

Monday Lesson 30 pages75/76

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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