6th Grade Mathematics

Thank you so much for all your patients this week. This has been so hard to navigate while not feeling my normal 100%. Parents, Thank you for your continued support.

Please read closely the following instructions to your graph project.

You will need to get a bag of candy of your choice. Skittles or M&M's, work best.

The following MUST be on your poster board.

-At least 2 graphs of your choice (Bar, Line, Pictograph, Circle)




Graphs must contain:




*If you decide to do a Circle graph, you will receive extra credit for doing the math to show the 100% (I know we haven't covered this yet, but you can find all this information on YouTube or Internet)

*Your scale CANNOT equal 1. You must come up with a scale like Skittle=5, the only time it can equal it self is in the Circle Graph. Please refer to your lessons on these graphs. Re-read them, and build me the best possible graph your imagination can come up with!

DUE DATE: 1/25/22

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