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7th/8th Gr. Chemistry (Oct. 31-Nov. 2)

Sorry for late posting. My computer at home died and had to buy a new one last night. Took so long to set up, I didn't get it posted. Tried on my phone today and something was glitchy and it wouldn't save and post.

Tuesday: Add info from this ch. On polymers & draw pics of 2 polymers. Everyone should have written up something on their crystal and salt experiments, as well as the bouncy ball we made in class. VERY few students actually had all 3 this morning. Please be sure to have them tomorrow (Wed.) by 9:30 am.

Wednesday: Pick a plastic from the list on p. 71. Write a story about what might happen to it throughout its life span, as if it were a character in a cartoon movie. Due Next Tues.

Thursday: Study for Ch. 4 test next Thurs.


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