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7th/8th grade Chemistry (Jan. 9-11)

Parents, I need your help. Some students are not completing assignments on time or at all. I know they are old enough to get their own assignments, but it seems some are not responsible enough. So please check to see if homework has been done. Please check the website and make them show you the assignments. I realize some are involved in sports, so I am revamping my assignment layout. Unless it is something time-sensitive (shown by a day and the assignment written beside it like Tuesday's this week), you will have through the next Monday to complete. All experiments done at home must be written up on notebook paper using the example sheet I have already given them. Homework is graded as well as tests. **As always, if you have questions, please text or call me. 229-567-7718 (If I don't respond to a text, then call) Texts don't always come through quickly for some reason.

Tuesday: Read Ch. 7. Scripture writing WB p. 95-96

Wednesday through next Monday:

  1. WB p. 102 (questions). If you have a small pail with a handle that swings easily, do Try This! p. 122.

  2. Study for test that will be on next Thursday.

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