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7th Grade Language Arts

October 26, 2022

Okay, my crazy class, we will continue reading Isle of Swords. By the time we return, I need everyone to be on chapter 20. I need you to write a two or three sentence summary of what happened sin each chapter. Write it as if it is a log into the captain’s book. Mrs. Lynn, WHAT? Write it as if you are Captain Declan Ross and you are recording events into the Captain’s Log Book. This means you would be writing in the “voice” of Declan. How he views events. Not how you view them. An example would be from chapter 12 when Cat is helping on deck. Declan might write something like this:

The lad has taken us all by surprise. He has shown this abilities to be those of one who is use to being at sea. His speech and mannerisms leave me with no doubts in my mind. Cat is a pirate!

Do an entry for each chapter!

I will post vocabulary words tomorrow…stay tuned!

Everyone get well! I miss you!

Mrs. Lynn


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