7th Grade Language Arts

February 4, 2022


Do 5-8 on page 111.


Before you read chapter 12 of Hatchet, write a new adventure for Brian. This adventure will be AFTER the porcupine attack. This also means he cannot get rescued because that would not follow the timeframe. Hatchet is a work f fiction, but it is also a genre of realism, so make your story believable. Use adjectives the really make the reader feel and see your writing. Choose strong verbs that create suspense and adventure. I want to see you use at least two literary devices that we have studied in this paper. In this particular story, we have seen stylistic fragments and alliteration, but you may use what best fits your story.

AFTER you write your story, read chapter 12 on pages 125-129.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lynn



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