7th Grade Language Arts

March 25, 2021

I told you in class to do 5-11...that should be fairly easy since it drops the }Label the sentence patterns” step...soI am going to give you a little independent study. (insert groans and complaints) Read the paragraph Proper Adjectives on page 116 and do 5-12.

Read, “To Save The Golden State,” and “Guard It With Your Life.” It is one story split into two sections. Do the questions on page 307 and make sure you read the box in the “Thinking Zone” so that you understand chronological order.

Writing Assignment: Explain the steps of how to do something...put it in chronological order. You may explain anything you would like.

Example: How to Bath a Dog

*Gather your towels, dog shampoo, and wash cloth BEFORE you begin.

*Turn the water on and make sure the temperature is not too hot.

*Place the dog in the water.

*Pour water on him until his fur is wet.

*Using dog shampoo lather him- start from the top of the head and move toward his tail. *Avoid his face and eyes with the soap. Never get water into the ears.

*Rinse and repeat the lathering process.

*Rinse well.

*Drain the dirty water

*Wet your wash cloth with plain water use it to gently wipe his face and eyes.

*Lift his ears and use the cloth to clean the inside of the ear. *Use the towels to dry your dog and any water on the floor

*If your pup allows, you can use a hair dryer on low heat to dry his coat.

*Enjoy your clean PUP

You may NOT copy my example

Have a great weekend and be “FULL OF JOY!” 🤣

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