7th Grade Language Arts

April 22, 2022


9-1 and 9-2

We going to be working on the steps of a research paper for the next three weeks. This weekend, all you need to do is CHOOSE your topic. (remember how we talked about if your topic is too broad, it is more difficult) After you have chosen your topic, read information and take at least ten notes. Make sure you cite where you found your note. https://www.easybib.com/guides/citation-guides/mla-format/how-to-cite-a-website-mla/

Bring it to school on Tuesday and we will discuss organizing your notes.

I am super excited about our Field Trip on Monday. Remember that the play STARTS at 10. Let’s meet outside the theater around 9:45, so that we can be seated together. The entire Crisp County 3rd grade will also be attending, and Empire wanted to seat the younger ones first. Several of us talked about going to Chick-fil-A after the show, this is optional, but all are welcome.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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