8th Grade Language Arts

August 25, 2021


Grammar pages 11-13 (1-9 and 1-10)

Read “Top Man” pages 20 until the bottom of page 21 (Grace, you may start at the beginning. We missed you!)

In your composition book, under the Notes section, write down the character with a brief description of each.

Note any CONFLICTS and tell what kind of conflict it is.

In the Vocabulary section find and record two vocabulary words with the definitions.


Read the bottom of page 21-25. Continue to record conflicts in the Notes section and find two vocabulary words for your vocabulary section.

Writing Assignment:

The author of our story does a great job of painting a detailed picture of mountain climbing. He uses personifications, metaphors, and other types of figurative language to make the reader “experience” the climb. He can do this because he is familiar with mountain climbing.

Think of an experience that you can write about. Make sure you use language that appeals to the five senses. Remember that this is what allows the reader to experience it with you.

Examples from previous years:

learning a ballet move

catching a huge fish

learning to mow grass

baking cookies with grandma

Figure out what you enjoy, and allow your creativity to FLOW!

This must be neatly written on leaf paper or typed so that you can turn it in.

Let me anticipate your question. ”Mrs. Ly Lynn, how long does our paper need to be?” ANSWER: Long enough to create a complete experience.

Have a GREAT weekend! I look forward to seeing you next week!

Mrs. Lynn


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