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8th Grade Language Arts

Oct. 21, 2022


Do activity 3-7

Read page 49 Other Linking Verbs

Do activity 3-8 and 3-10

We will have a short quiz over these sentences patterns Tuesday Literature:

We are preparing for our book read, so do the 60‘s activity paper. Remember to include at least two pictures from one of the categories. Wednesday we will immerse ourselves in the 60‘s. We will watch a famous tv show, we will view commercials, we will have a popular treat from that era…THEN I will give you one of my favorite books to begin reading!


The free verse memoir poem is due Tuesday. Refer back to “Old Man” (pg. 99) if you need a refresher. This is a characterization piece, so it must include an action, dialogue, and description. Free verse does not rhyme, it does not have meter, or measure. It really is FREE. Have fun and try to enjoy this.

Remember our field trip opportunity on Monday to see Tarzan in Cordele.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lynn

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