8th Grade Language Arts

October 1, 2021


Thursday’s work was 2-5, 2-6, and 2-7.

This weekend, read page 29 and complete2-8 and 2-9.

Review the rules for changing a noun from singular to plural. Several of you had problems with when to drop the “y” rule.


Read the first chapter of “Under the Lion’s Paw.” pages 52-56. Before you begin reading what do you think this story will be about? Read the title again and make a guess. Do you think it will be a story about all the good times of moving out west? Struggles? Record your ideas in your notebook in the notes section.

As you read, find at least five vocabulary word with definitions to add to your vocabulary section.

In the notes section record who the two main male characters are and how they are described in the story.

We are also looking for how the author uses persuasion. What is he persuading us to believe?

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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