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8th Grade Pre-Algebra: - Thursday 31st thru Monday, September 4th

Thursday: August 31st

Pre-Algebra book - copied pages: Lesson 2 {Subtracting negative numbers}

Read these pages and look through the examples until you understand negative numbers, subtraction.

Friday: September 1st

We will be moving to Negative Numbers, Multiplication

That is found in Lesson 3. Read those pages, paying close attention to the examples.

Be ready to solve problems on your own to show what you know!!!!!!

Monday: Happy Labor Day!!

Friday; August 25, 2023

Complete page given in class; front and back

Pay attention to your positive and negative signs. Breathe, you can do this!!

Friday: August 18, 2023

Complete worksheet given in class as homework. Use it to help prepare for your Test on Tuesday.

Positive numbers and Negative numbers; 2/3 of 24

You can do this!!!!!!


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