Algebra 1 10-25

Check at least twice a day for any new assignments. I was not expecting to need assignments for the week today! We neeeeed to keep moving forward!

I'm attaching the quiz we took today. For the sick students, you will have an option to take the quiz during devotion and break when you return. If you have a family member who is sick, there is really no reason you can't take the quiz now. If you DO complete the quiz, it is due Nov 1st. If not, It is your responsibility to come to my room ( your first day back at school) during devotion/break to take the quiz. I'm not going to chase you down!!!!!

Oh...I did give the students in class a chance to correct what they missed on the quiz. I will offer that to you. BUT, I am camping on Thursday afternoon and will be back Sunday night. So, you will need to get your answers to me by tomorrow or wait until Monday.

For those that have no way to print, you can copy the problems and answers on paper. Just be sure to include the ID number at the top right of the pages.

PlusThe library and Staples can copy for a small fee.

Word Problems Alg 1
Download PDF • 49KB

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