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Algebra 2 10-25-22

Check this post several times a day please. I had not planned to be out all week!!! BUT, we still need to move forward!!!!

I'm attaching the test scheduled for today. For those who are sick, I understand you don't feel well enough to take the test. BUT, for those who feel fine and have a sick family member within the house, take this and return it to me the very first day we come back to school. (Nov 1)

(For the sick ones, we can have a make-up test during devotion and break since these are unusual circumstances.)

I'm planning on having a video to post tomorrow. (but it won't be early morning.). I want to cover graphing absolute values and how the equation affects the graph. And how to graph inequalities. I will post worksheets for those concepts as well.

Feel free to text any questions. I usually answer a question or two during the test!

2.2-2.3 Alg 2 Test
Download PDF • 90KB

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