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Algebra 2

I'm not sure what to do. I'm frustrated as a teacher & I need your input as parents/guardians. I am attaching a review sheet/study guide for a quiz we took on Thursday. I even went over that sheet and worked examples in class on Wednesday. Not necessarily every student, BUT a LOT of the students seemed totally lost. I even showed the other Algebra 2 teacher the test. She agreed that they should have known the concepts (I even changed a problem to a less complicated problem.)

I WANT these students to excel! It's more than a correct answer or a grade to me. It's trying to instill in them to "do your best" in whatever you do.

They seem to know it in class...a few will ask questions. I ALWAYS welcome questions during class. And I will gladly stop and answer any question. I WANT this math to "click" in their head. I offer to help them during devotion/break...a few will occasionally stay. But when they don't ask questions, that tells me that they totally understand the concepts. I only have them for 150 minutes a week (2.5 hours a week.)

I have NOT checked the quiz since I have been home, so your child may have done well. I'm not speaking to them....(I don't mind answering basic questions during a test/quiz, but when I KNOW I have been over and over it, I shouldn't need to answer THAT many questions. ).

Please help your child to study. A quick review for 5-10 minutes for a test/quiz is NOT studying. I can move at a "snails pace", but that isn't doing your child any good in the long run. They NEED to learn how to "study" and put time into their lessons.

We did have one word problem on the quiz. There is an example in the book that works it out and explains it exactly. The numbers are different, but the working of the problem is exactly the same. I TOLD them that particular word problem would be on the quiz. Most were totally lost.

I am also attaching the homework packet for the weekend (due Tuesday, Sept 13.) There is no bookwork.

I'm not asking to fuss at your kiddos, but to help encourage them in their studies. PLEASE encourage them to ask questions!!! There are NO "dumb" sincere questions in my class.....

I'm unavailable Friday and Saturday (this happens once a year!). But will be totally available Sunday afternoon and Monday. Feel free to contact me!!!

I DOOOOOOOO love this class. They are great young adults!!!

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