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Algebra 2 Dec 8

No Worksheets for the weekend.

I AM posting a pre-test (yes, it's two different pages). I sent the answers as well. PLEASE be sure you know this!!! This will be the exact layout of the test (but with problems changed.) The Test will be on Tuesday

(we didn't discuss this, but I've never known teenagers to turn down food!!!!!) If you think about it, bring $6 dollars on Tuesday (I won't have change). I would love to go by Chik Fil A again on Wednesday. We will have a short lesson on Wednesday, but I do want it to be a relaxing day!

Remember BOTH of the pre-test pages are part of the test! (but there won't be as many problems on the test!)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!! Text if you have ANY questions!!!!!!

5 Pre-Test factor poly page 1
Download PDF • 68KB

5 Pre-test page 2 copy
Download PDF • 79KB

CLAY, This video is for you.

Passcode: 12S+5^*a

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