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Algebra 2. Feb 23

I didn't hand out papers to work for the weekend. BUT, I need you to watch these videos until you absolutely know it and get totally bored with it!!!!!

Work the examples in each video. Each link is numbered. Under #1, write and work the problems from the video. The same for the rest of them. The videos are from 4-12 minutes (so they aren't too bad!!!)

I DO expect you to have a better understanding of this on Tuesday. so please, do your part in making this happen. I don't have days and days to spend on this important concept (we still have a LOT I want to cover!)

As always, text me with any questions!!!!

There is a video that starts out the first step with Synthetic Division instead of Substituting a number into the polynomial. EITHER WAY IS CORRECT. I don't want it to confuse you. Find which method you prefer!!!

Ya'll are a great class! I love trying to teach you (with my mistakes and all!!!)

Thank you for putting up with me!

Have a great weekend!

Finding possible zeros and synthetic division.

Pause the videos as needed to work it out if you need to!

The Rational Zeros Theorem and the Rational Root Theorem are the same thing….

1). Synthetic division. Organic chemistry tutor

We watched this in class. He does not take it to the point of finding the other zeros. Still rewatch.

The first problem can be factored to find the other zeros.

The 2nd problem would require the quadratic equation to find the other zeros. (no, don't do it!)

The others all have remainders.

2). Rational Zeros Theorem (this guy is a little funny!)

He explains finding the possible zeros.

3). Rational zero theorem (We watched this in class, but watch again!)

factoring polynomials finding the zeros

His first step is plugging in the possible zeros into the polynomial to find the first zero.

The third problem shows when we need to use the quadratic equation,. Take notes on this one!!

4). Rational root theorem

He explains the p/q. This video does the synthetic division first. It is a personal preference. Find the way that works for you! NOTE: He makes mistakes too!!!! Don’t get bogged down with his graphing the polynomial. That won’t be required, but it sure doesn’t hurt to see how it works for future classes!

5). Rational Root Theorem

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