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Algebra 2 March 3

We started 7.2 yesterday. Rational Exponents. ( Fractional exponents!!!! REALLY?!?!?)

There was a bit of confusion from the expressions on your faces!!!! These are the best two videos I could find. I hope they simplify it for you. Both videos leave you with a "try it" problem. Try to work them and we will go over it in class on Tuesday. Other videos I saw moved really fast and went a little deeper than we needed to go!!!!! I didn't post those (I thought they might be confusing). (you're welcome!!!!)

Ya'll have worked hard this semester. Thank you. I think I'll pick up Chik Fil A on Wednesday and we will have a play day. So, bring $5 Tuesday and I'll take your order!!! (but sssshhhhhhhhhhh. cards have numbers on them, so we are "technically" still doing math!!!)

This video doesn't work any problems with numbers. But it does explain with variables.

This video has a few problems WITH numbers!!!

Have a super weekend! See you Tuesday!

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