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August 25, 2022

As many of you know, I am leaving Monday heading to London and Paris with my son. I will not be available from 8/29-9/6. I have wonderful subs for each of my classes, so all of the students will be in good hands. On Tuesday, each student will receive a paper that lists each assignment by date. If your child misses a day, refer to the sheet to stay on track.

High School World History

Test over chapter 14 on Tuesday.

8th Grade Language Arts

Finish all the exercises on Subject/Predicate and Inverted Order in your packet.

Study for test over prepositions on Tuesday.

7th Grade Language Arts

Read “The Most Important Day” and do the questions. Look for how symbolism is used in the story.

Study for your test over prepositions on Tuesday.

Finish the exercises on Subject/Predicate. You will go over Inverted Order on Tuesday.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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