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Sept. 16, 2022

We are at the half way mark with our first grading period. I am still needing work from some of you. I will let everyone know Tuesday what you are missing.

High School World History 🌍

Finish your study guide. Use index cards and make flash cards to help you study. Test will be Thursday. Look over the map and be familiar with the larger countries we have studied. We will talk more about the map on Tuesday.

8th Grade Language Arts

I know you will be sad, but no writing assignment this weekend. Look through the stories we have read and find ten interesting words. Do not use the vocabulary words that already have definitions in the book. Write the word, find the definition of the word, and which story it is from. It does not have to be the hardest words you can find. It can be fun words. We are going to start Loading Our Vocabulary!

7th Grade Language Arts

Finish reading “A Kind of Murder,” and do the questions. This is a good story, so take your time and enjoy! Finish your grammar assignment from class.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lynn


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