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Welcome back!!! We had a fantastic first week. CHESS students are the BEST!! The students have all worked hard and made 100's on their first 2 assignments! What a great way to start! We will have our first quiz on Tuesday over the first 2 sections of chapter 1. The students will have homework assigned every Thursday that will be due the following Tuesday and occasionally homework on Tuesday or Wednesday. Most homework receives a grade. Sometimes it is an easy 100 for completing the homework and sometimes it will be an actual grade of how many were correct.

Due August 24

Finish reading Section 1.2 if you didn't finish it in class

Complete the Section 1.2 Review on page 9 (questions only)

On page 15 finish writing the definitions for the People and Terms we highlighted (circled) in class on Wednesday. *Renaissance- the movement in the 1300s that emphasized the abilities of mankind

We will finish the Map Skills together on Tuesday



1-5 of the Terms and 1-8 of the People & Vasco da Gama ( the name we added:)

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