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Due Tuesday 11/2

Complete the highlighted vocabulary, read section 8.2, and answer the questions for 8.2.

***Presidential Presentation*** Due November 17

We are trying something new... a computer presentation. Each student has been assigned a president ( a few students picked 2). Each student will create at least 5 slides to present to the class. This is basically taking all the information that the students would usually put onto a poster-board and putting it onto slides. Parents may need to assist with the computer part of this project. Please make sure you are NOT just copy and pasting that is plagiarism. It MUST be in your words!

Your report must include:


Years in Office

Birth, Family, & Childhood


Life Before Presidency-Political background, jobs, how did they get involved in politics and begin running for office?

Political Philosophy & Beliefs

Presidency- Political party, cabinet members, key events, laws, taxes, major accomplishments while in office

Life After Presidency- Death and legacy, any accomplishments after being president?

Perception- In your opinion was he a "good" president? Why or Why not? In America's view, was he a "good" president? Why or why not? How are they remembered in U.S. history?

3 Random fun facts-




Presentation- can the student read their own work, how well do they know their material, etc.

5 slide minimum

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