America Land I Love

Read pages 290-292 and answer the questions on page 292. Complete Vocabulary People 1,2,4,6,8,12,13,14,15,16 & Terms 1,2,4,7,9,11,14,15,17,18,20 Dates 1 and Events 2,3,4.

I will try to send a copy of what is expected since the printer at school was not working yesterday. For now the students can be looking up their state location, map, State Flag, State Flower, State Bird, State Tree, State Animal, State Gem, State Fish, and State Song? (If your state doesn’t have one of these, just note that in your report.)

your report.)

Section 1 Introduction

●What is the name of your state? How did it get its name?

●What is the nickname for your state and how did it get it?

●In what region of the United States is it located? (Northeast, Southeast, Central,

Western, Pacific)

●What is the capital city?

Include 2 maps. Both maps must be hand labeled and not pre printed from the Internet or

copied from a book.

●One will be a map of the United States with your state highlighted and the following

labeled: Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Mississippi River, Great Plains, the 5

Great Lakes, and Washington D.C.

●The other map will be a detailed map of your state that includes: the state capital, 3 other

large cities, 3 important natural landmarks or national/state parks, and major rivers or

lakes in your state. Be sure to label these or make a key.

This is your state for our project

Grantham - Alaska

LeAnna- California

Morgan- Colorado

Owen- Florida

Andreas- Georgia

Ruth- Hawaii

Christian- Idaho

Landen- Illinois

Levi- Iowa

Keaton- Michigan

Grace- Mississippi

Tallulah- New Mexico

Daniel- New York

Will- Oklahoma

Tyler- Pennsylvania

Cameron- Texas

Noah- Virginia

Sydnee- Washington

Tate- Wyoming

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