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American Government

10/25/22 Work for the week

Thinking about the Presidents we have had - now we are going to do a deep dive into several presidents who are not as well know as others. Each of you will be assigned a president and you will need to write a paper (typed) and do a power point presentation (a minimum of 5 slides) about your president. You can bring your presentation in saved on a thumb drive if you do not want to bring in your laptop to present. This will be due on Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022.

You must answer the following questions about this president and his presidency.

1 - How many terms did he serve?

2 - When elected what was the electoral college count? Did he win a majority or plurality of the popular vote or did he lose the popular vote and still win the electoral college?

3 - Who was the Vice-President?

4 - What were the major accomplishments of his presidency?

5 - Were there any major scandals or problems during his presidency?

6 - Was his political party the party in power during the presidency or was power split between the branches of government.

7 - Any interesting fact you want to share about this man or his time in office

Here are your assigned Presidents:

Clay McKinney - #13 Millard Fillmore

Reid Fountain - #19 Rutherford B Hayes

Gunner Jenkins - #5 James Monroe

Mary Claire Hembree - #27 William H. Taft

Sarah Doggett - #8 Martin Van Buren

Megan Johnson - #12 Zachary Taylor

Sarah Walker - #30 Calvin Coolidge

Samuel Barber - #10 John Tyler

Alexander O'Quinn - #29 Warren Harding

Lia Bowers - #23 Benjamin Harrison

Tresley Culpepper - #17 Andrew Johnson

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