Anatomy (Oct. 4-6)

Tuesday: “Try This! p. 56 (Weigh yourself with few clothes on. Write down your weight in the top circle on WB p. 40 multiply by 0.40. Show your work.)

Wednesday: WB p. 42 Questions #1-6, Handwriting WB p. 46/47

Thursday: Finish WB p. 42 questions, {** Extra Credit: “Try This!” on Textb. p. 61 (Write Up on WB p. 50)}

For a GRADE: p. 67-68 begin experiment (Take about 3 min. every other day after the first day. Record your findings) Another person should time you as you count. Must completely open and close clothespin each time you count. (2-weeks) Write up on the Scientific Speculation Sheet WB p.51 Due: Oct. 25th

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