BIOLOGY! Amy Maves- 1/4/22

So here is our new plan- continue working on our projects. They will be due next week.

Today watch this youtube video

Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process that Uses Division to Multiply! (Updated)

You will need to answer the following questions that go along with the video. I would recommend pausing the video when you hear an answer to the question and go ahead and write that answer. Then read the next question and pause when the answer is said. These will be turned in on Tuesday for a grade. Do not leave any answers blank. You can answer every question with this short video.

What is mitosis?

What does mitosis produce?

Are cells constantly dividing all of the time?

What is cancer?

What things are going on during interphase?

In cell cycle, where are cells spending most of their time?

DNA is your ________________ information.

DNA is condensed into little bundles called _____________________.

Chromosomes are made of ______ and _______.

Before mitosis starts you have to _______________ your DNA which happens when the cell is in ______________.

What holds the duplicated chromosomes together?

When we count chromosomes we count _______________.

What are the 4 stages of mitosis?

What happens at each of the four stages AND what key word are we to think about for each stage?

What is responsible for separating the cell into two cells at the end of mitosis.


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