Biology Hw- 4/28/22

This weekend you will need to do a little research and come up with 3 animals that you would be interested in doing your end of year project on. They can be mammals, reptiles, birds, aquatic animals, etc. I want you to do something off the beaten path- meaning if it's a real common animal that we already know a lot about- then it's a no. You can google things like "cool animals" "unusual animals" etc to find some interesting things. You will be doing a 3D project with a trifold board that answers questions about your animal that I will give you on Tuesday. There will not be an oral presentation for this. This counts as two test grades so do not skimp on this project.

On Tuesday, you will turn in 3 or more different possibilities to me on a piece of paper. Don't text me this weekend about it. :) The paper you turn in Tuesday will be a grade- 100 if you have 3 or more animals listed and 0 if you don't turn it in all or have less than 3

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