CHEMISTRY- Amy Maves-1/4/22

Make sure you have finished your handouts I gave you in 11/21. You will have to review in your book and work hard to remember how to do everything. Do not just leave things blank. You can use your book and other resources (youtube) so no excuses. You can even text me!

Sorry I can't give you the week off but we are already behind because of shorter CHESS year and Covid so we need to keep pushing.

Today you will need to read pages 207 through 217 and do OYOs on pages 211, 214, 217 (OYO 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4) These obviously have answers in the back of the book but try to answer them without the answers first so you are actually grasping the concepts.

Also answer Questions 1 on Study Guide on page 239 and question 1 on Practice problems on page 240.

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