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Dec. 8th Language Arts 7th -9th grades

Finish reading the book for your book review and start working on the review. It is due Wednesday.

Finish reading "Esther" and write the answers to the following questions using complete sentences.

  1. What was Mordecai's position at the end of the story and how did he relate to the Jews?

  2. Who is(are) the hero(es) in the story? Give reasons for your answer.

  3. What is your opinion of Haman? Give reasons to back up your opinion.

  4. How does Galalians 6:7 relate to the story?

  5. How does Proverbs 16:18 relate to the story?

Look back over Daniel 6 which we read in class. Write a paragraph telling who you think is(are) the hero(es) in the story and why.

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